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because it was filled with too many hackers and glitches, all those that play it kept creating multiply accounts, only so they could get better chances at it, or that they don't like their characters, and nanos. So it wasn't good enough, that's what you told us by doing that. all of you who create account after account. And these are the reasons, even though by doing all that to the game, those that played with the PC problems that I just mentioned, literaly ruined the game for those that like it and play fair and square with their normal computers, you spoiled the whole thing for everyone. Royal fans, we, 'CN' are sorry, but the hackers and Glitches ruined the game, it had too many holes. or they didn't like fighting along side their favorite CN characters from different shows. A world where all your favorite and main CN characters in one world, were not entertaining to you, that's a real shame, we are sorry. We'll try to remove/delete the CN show characters and many other things that weren't helping you have some fun. We will make a game, that will be more 'F.U.N' without C?N show characters, only one account, and one charac on it. There won't be any more hackers nor glitches. This will be so 'F.U.N' (even tho, it seemed that to some, this game was special, and they did not mind the hackers glitches or the multiplying users. They just had fun. But now, it is just gonna be 'Boring'.)

        :(            Fusionfall Heroes SUCKS!!!

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